OER at John Jay

As an institution defined by its commitment to justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice is dedicated to fostering the use of open and alternative resources in order to provide every undergraduate student, regardless of their financial resources, access to education of the highest quality.

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The John Jay College OER Project consists of four key areas:

1) a Zero Text Cost (ZTC) pathway through the general education curriculum to reduce financial obstacles to student success.

2) An open source Justice E-Reader and a collection of assignments adaptable for use across the Justice Core, John Jay’s mission-specific “college option” general education category, cutting text costs for students and enriching the conversation about justice across the college.

3) Shared OER materials across the CUNY Justice Academy, ensuring curricular alignment for student success and contributing to the University’s work toward interconnectedness.

4) Additional Zero Text Cost (ZTC) pathways and capacity in key degree programs and departments, identified according to criteria of learning outcomes assessment, financial benefit to students, scale, and faculty interest and capacity.